Our Board of Directors and Key Management Personnel

The operations and success of NatSteel is driven by its capable management and Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:

Mr Anand Sen
Mr Jayanta Chakraborty
Mr Ashish Anupam
Mr Sunil Bhaskaran
Mr Rajiv Mangal

Key Management Personnel:

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Ashish Anupam

Chief Financial Officer

Ms Lim Siew Har

Advisor to President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Melvin Choo

Senior Vice President, Metallics Conversion

Mr Chandra Mohan Verma

Senior Vice President, Building Solutions

Ms Tan Man Ee

Senior Vice President, International Sales & General Manager (Malaysia) 

Mr Arthur Tay

Chief Human Resource Officer

Ms Lucy Tan

Chief Internal Auditor/ Chief Ethics Counsellor

Mr Chuah Yak Ngi

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