Carpet Reinforcement

NatSteel is the pioneer in introducting Carpet Reinforcement in Singapore. It is a highly productive and cost effective reinforcement technology that improves construction productivity through reducing time and manpower.

About carpet reinforcement

Carpet Reinforcement is an unidirectional reinforcement system in the form of roll/carpet which can be easily rolled out (just like a carpet) to form reinforcement layers for slabs and walls. With up to 60% less manpower required, the use of carpet reinforcement increases productivity by up to 10 times compared to the conventional method of loose bars fixing onsite.

Advantages of carpet reinforcement

  • Construction productivity improvement of up to 10 times
  • Saving in reinforcement time by up to 80% vs traditional method
  • Reduction of on-site manpower by up to 60% vs traditional method
  • Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) and installation drawings done by trained engineers at NatSteel
  • Simple and safe working method on-site - rolling instead of laying
  • Higher construction quality as bar spacing is controlled at machine
  • Cost effective - total reinforcement cost is lower than traditional method


Carpet Reinforcement in basement

Carpet Reinforcement used in basement construction


Carpet Reinforcement in train tunnel

Carpet Reinforcement used in construction of train tunnel

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