Project Case Studies

View some of the projects in Singapore that uses NatSteel Holdings' products:.

Stevens MRT Station
The construction of the Stevens MRT Station faced challenging issues such as an extremely congested site space, a tight construction schedule, as well as manpower constraints. Watch how NatSteel’s prefabricated reinforcement steel solutions, in particular its Diaphragm Wall Cages, helped to overcome these issues with minimal material wastage.


Marina Coastal Expressway
The construction of the Marina Coastal Expressway C487 parcel, required the use of complex bored pile cage designs that could pose an installation issue if not fabricated to precise measurements. By prefabricating these bored pile cages in NatSteel’s controlled factory environment, NatSteel was able to deliver high quality cages tailored to the specific construction needs of this project.


Marina Bay Financial Centre
The Marina Bay Financial Centre is a showcase of the benefits of using prefabricated reinforcement steel solutions over traditional onsite fabrication. The use of NatSteel’s prefabricated products and solutions enabled construction time to be reduced from an average to 8-10 days per storey to 5-6 days per storey, translating into a time saving of 3-4 months for a 40-storey building.

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