Respecting and safeguarding the environment is a fundamental principle of all Tata companies.

NatSteel operates one of the most energy efficient electric arc furnaces in the world. The company has implemented environmental management systems certified to the ISO14001 standard, which have enabled NatSteel to reduce CO2 emissions to below 0.5 tonnes per tonne of crude steel.

In Singapore, NatSteel produces premium reinforcement steel using 100% recycled scrap. NEWater is used for industrial cooling. Byproducts such as steel slag and dust are also collected and recycled.

The success of NatSteel’s environment sustainability initiatives has garnered prestigious awards and accolades.

NatSteel utilises 30% less energy to produce a tonne of steel compared to other electric arc furnace operations, through adopting the following technologies:

  • Scrap preheating shaft furnace
  • Organic rankine cycle for reheating furnace
  • Optimisation of electrical and chemical energy input to the electric arc furnace to reduce overall energy consumption
  • Use of virtual lance burners
  • Use of high efficiency motors
  • Use of variable speed drives for fume extraction fans and cooling systems 

Did you know:

  • NatSteel recycles over 500,000 tonnes of locally generated metal waste into premium reinforcement steel annually
  • Over 80,000 tonnes of slag generated by NatSteel yearly is recycled for road making, saving precious landfill space
  • Singapore can help reduce over 2,000,000 tonnes of CO2 each year by using recycled steel, equivalent to 5% of total CO2 generated by the country


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