Business Ethics and Tata Code of Conduct

Ethical behaviour is intrinsic to the way we conduct our business and is part of our legacy from the founder of the Tata Group, Jamsetji Tata, who believed that business must operate in a way that respects the rights of all its stakeholders and creates an overall benefit for society.

Our ethical principles are articulated in the Tata Code of Conduct (TCOC), to which all Tata Group companies subscribe. The TCOC is a testament to the Tata Group’s determination to help employees in every way to understand our duties and commitments towards shared values and principles. The comprehensive document serves as the ethical road map for Tata Group companies and employees.

The TCOC also embodies clarity of communication, transparency, respect for others and an ethical approach in conducting business, all of which contribute towards building team spirit and enhancing integrity in the our interaction with all stakeholders. We do not tolerate corrupt or fraudulent practices. We expect honesty, integrity and transparency in all aspects of our business from our employees, vendors, contractors and other business counterparts.

The TCOC has added significance in the Group’s aspiration to be the global industry benchmark for value creation and corporate citizenship. It highlights the importance of our efforts in improving the quality of life of the communities in which we operates. This includes the understanding that in the process of production and sale of products and services, we will strive for economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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Whistle Blower Policy

We encourage our employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders to raise concerns or make disclosures when they become aware of any actual or potential violation of our Code of Conduct, policies or law. We have an Anonymous Whistle Blower Hotline operated by an independent third party to facilitate the reporting of concerns.

The details are as follows:

Toll Free Line: 800 448 1398 (Access Code 62878)
Web site: (Access Code 62878)

You may also contact the Chief Ethics Counsellor or COO of the company.
Chief Ethics Counsellor : Chuah Yak Ngi email:
Chief Operating Officer : Tan Man Ee email:

We do not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone reporting legitimate concerns. If you or someone you know has been subjected to retaliation for raising a concern or for reporting a case, we encourage you to promptly contact the Chief Ethics Counsellor or COO, or lodge a report through the Whistle Blower Hotline.

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