Reinforcement Bars (Rebars) & Wirerods

Employing advanced technology, NatSteel’s high strength reinforcement bars are manufactured in accordance to stringent world-wide quality assurance standards of SS2: Part 2: 1999.


Advantages of Natsteel's High Strength Reinforcement Bars

  • Increase in yield strength meant that the assured load bearing capacity enables a more efficient and simplified reinforcement detailing, translating to material cost savings
  • A high level of ductility ensures that NatSteel's high strength steel can better withstand bending tests with no visible fractures or cracks
  • All NatSteel's products are tested safe and radiation-free. Radiation screening is performed on every incoming load of metal waste received and radiation tests are also conducted during the steel-making process.


Reinforcement bars

Wire rods


Cut and bend service

Welded mesh

Prefabricated cage



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